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The First Coronavirus Movie Is Already Here, and You'll Never Guess What It's Called

The First Coronavirus Movie Is Already Here, and You'll Never Guess What It's Called
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After 9/11, the news was full of stories about Muslims around the world who feared repercussions for the actions of their co-religionists. And ever since, every attack by Islamic terrorists has been immediately followed by a lot of hand-wringing about “backlash.” No matter how much real-life suffering is caused by terrorists, the news is more concerned about the imaginary suffering of the designated victims. Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press keep putting the cart before the horse. They’re obsessed with identity politics, and their brains are hardwired so that now racism and bigotry are all they can see. It’s their explanation for everything. It’s gotten so bad, the media’s priorities are so out of whack, that one wag came up with the ultimate newspaper headline: Muslims Fear Backlash for Tomorrow’s Terrorist Attack.

Now we’re seeing the same thing with the virus that’s currently crippling the entire world. COVID-19 originated in the People’s Republic of China, and the ruling Chinese Communist Party allowed it to spread and lied to the rest of the world about it. They’re still lying, and will continue to lie. They’re directly responsible for everything that’s happening to you right now. Their incompetence and dishonesty are the cause of it all, and they could’ve prevented it. This is China’s fault.

So guess who the real victims are?

Etan Vlessing, The Hollywood Reporter:

Director Mostafa Keshvari explores “Chinese virus” discrimination in his trapped-in-an-elevator drama [Corona], shot last month in Vancouver and now being shopped to streamers.

“The idea came to me when I was in an elevator reading news about Chinese tourists being attacked, and I thought I’m going to make a movie in an elevator,” Keshvari tells The Hollywood Reporter

The ensemble cast for Corona includes Emy Aneke, playing a black elevator repairman; Zarina Sterling as a millennial woman; Richard Lett as a white supremacist in a wheelchair; Andrea Stefancikova as a blonde wife; Josh Blacker as the building owner; and Andy Canete as an indebted tenant…

“It was then known as the Chinese virus, but now everyone can have it, so it’s not just one race’s problem. Now the human race has to come together to defeat the virus,” the director insists.

In a way, it’s true that even non-Chinese people can get this virus that originated in China. Just like even non-Chinese people can cook and eat recipes that originated in China. In another, more accurate way, it’s not racist to accurately describe the origins of a virus, or a food, or anything else that has come to us from that country. “Chinese virus” is a perfectly accurate descriptor. The only people who benefit from your reluctance to use it are the Chinese communists who did this to you. They’re exploiting your fear of being called racist to stop you from talking about how this happened.

And if some racists use it as an excuse to attack people, what does that have to do with you or me? I condemn them and I hope they’re punished to the fullest extent of the law, while we still have police officers who aren’t sick or afraid of getting sick. Racism is bad. But it’s not racist to say “Chinese virus,” even if stupid people do stupid things with that information.

Anyway, I’m sure this movie will be great, once it hits Netflix or Hulu or whatever. I can just see it now: The “white supremacist in a wheelchair,” who will serve as a stand-in (no offense) for all white people everywhere, will start off the movie spouting anti-Asian epithets and being a bad person. But by the end of the movie, he will see the error of his ways. He will understand the truth: The real virus is racism, and the only cure is love. It warms my heart just thinking about it.

As for the actual virus, the one that’s killing people and destroying the economy IRL, there’s no cure. If one of the people on that elevator had it, they would all get sick. Some of them would die. But at least everybody would know they’re not racists.

Right, Italy?

Now it’s just a matter of time before we see this headline:

As COVID-19 Ravages Globe, Innocent Viruses Fear Backlash