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Ilhan Omar Goes from Wrecking Homes to Guaranteeing 'Homes for All'

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) on Capitol Hill

By now, we all know Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is a homewrecker. But that’s okay, because she wants to build homes too. And if she wants to use your money to do it… why not, right?

Bask in her beneficence:

Housing crash? What’s that?

See, here’s how it works: Homelessness is bad. Everybody agrees on that, right? So that means giving people free housing is good. All you need to do is make it illegal for a person to not have a place to live. Presto! And after that, it’s just a matter of, y’know… building stuff. Whatever. That part’s easy. Hey, if we can put a man on the moon, we can build a few houses and maintain them for a person’s entire lifespan without them having to pay for any of it, right?

Oh, what’s that you’re saying? You want people to be homeless? Well, isn’t that nice. Why are you a racist?

That’s the great thing about being a Democrat in office. You can do and say whatever you like — spout anti-Semitic garbage, commit adultery, misuse campaign funds, lie your face off constantly — as long as you promise to use your political power to give people stuff they want. (Just ask Bill Clinton. He had “journalists” offering to service him, as long as he promised them abortions.)

And if you’re a taxpayer who’s worked hard your whole life and saved enough to buy your own house… sucker! Now you get to buy everybody else a house, too.

There’s nothing easier than being generous with other people’s money. “The Squad” are already experts at making promises with money they didn’t earn, and I’m sure they’ll have long, prosperous careers. Which is also on your dime. Ain’t it funny how all this works?