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Warren Campaign Scrubs DNA-Test Announcement Video from Internet

Warren Campaign Scrubs DNA-Test Announcement Video from Internet
(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Yesterday I celebrated the one-year anniversary of Elizabeth Warren’s triumphant announcement of her genetic heritage. She took a DNA test, and she wanted everybody to know about it. She even made an announcement video to crow (no pun intended) about it. Within hours it turned into a disaster, and she ended up having to go on a humiliating apology tour, groveling to any Native American group who would listen. It was an enormous mistake, and I really enjoyed it. So did the GOP, who also made a note of the anniversary yesterday.

Oddly enough, here’s what you see when you go to that victorious announcement tweet now:


The Warren campaign deleted it. That video has been deleted from YouTube as well. The whole “Heritage” section of her campaign site has been memory-holed.


No warning. No explanation.

So, to recap:

  • Elizabeth Warren lied about having a Native American heritage to advance her career
  • Trump mocked her for falsely claiming to be Native American
  • She took a DNA test and did a big media rollout, producing an announcement video that supposedly vindicated her
  • It actually proved she’s whiter than Jimmy Kimmel drinking a glass of whole milk in a snowstorm
  • Native American groups condemned her until she begged for mercy
  • The announcement video stayed up for an entire year until her opponents noticed
  • She deleted it

She lied, then she lied about her lie, and now she’s deleted all evidence of her lies. No wonder so many Democrats love her.

What a complete disaster for Elizabeth Warren. Even cuck RINO traitors like me are dunking on her. But it’s no big deal, right? If Warren gets the nomination, nobody will bring this up again, will they? It’s smooth sailing for her, now that she’s deleted all evidence of her dishonesty.

Don’t worry, Liz. You’ve still got the journos on your side. Now that they know you’re not really Native American, they’re circling the wagons. Don’t you just love irony?

Update: Somebody just reuploaded the video Elizabeth Warren no longer wants you to see. Let’s see how long it stays up.

Update: The Washington Free Beacon also put up a copy of that video.