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UPDATE: AOC Weeps Over Road Leading to Migrant Detention Facility

You may have seen the pictures released this week showing Alexandria “They’re Concentration Camps” Ocasio-Cortez one year ago outside the tent city in Tornillo, Texas, right on the Mexican border.

AOC was quick to point out how important that moment was to her:

If you can look at those pictures without feeling this woman’s genuine anguish and sincere concern for the plight of those people, I question your very soul. Obviously, whatever she saw on the other side of that fence was horrible and inhumane.

By the way, here’s what she saw on the other side of that fence:

“Look at all that available parking space! [SOB]

In other AOC concentration camp news, she just voted against the border spending package. It’s not often that a Democrat doesn’t want to throw money at a problem, particularly when the problem is Latin-American children in trouble, so I just wanted to note her newfound sense of fiscal responsibility. We’ll make a Republican out of AOC yet.

Correction: It wasn’t an empty parking lot. It was the road leading to the Tornillo-Guadalupe detention facility. AOC was photographed crying outside the port of entry.