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Libs Angry at Biden for Scolding Gender-Neutral Person

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has had a busy week. Here’s some of the mischief that nutty ol’ scamp has gotten himself into, in no particular order:

  • He flip-flopped on the Hyde Amendment, which bars the use of federal funds for abortion. He went back and forth on it at least twice, but who’s counting?
  • He declared that when he’s elected president, he’s going to cure cancer. (Apparently Joe wasn’t able to convince Obama to solve that problem, but this time it’ll be different.)
  • He repeated his claim that while he was vice president, “there wasn’t one single hint of a scandal or a lie.” This is, of course, a scandalous lie.
  • He also repeated the delusional, fact-free claim that Stacey Abrams actually won the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race, blaming the inconvenient real-world result on “voter suppression.”
  • He and Trump got into a namecalling contest, which is a handy reminder that they’re both septuagenarians who never quite left elementary school.
  • There was some plagiarism, because this is Biden we’re talking about.
  • And of course, Joe sprinkled all of it with some more creepy statements to, and about, women and girls.

He also did this!

This is from a Wisconsinite named K.C. Cayo, who describes himself herself themself as: “Activist. Women’s March WI Regional Director. NextGen WI. Queer. BLM. They/Them/Theirs.”

Joe Berkowitz at Fast Company explains what’s going on here:

Biden’s response to her, as depicted in the photo above, articulates everything about where he stands on this and every other issue central to women. Let’s start with the face. It’s a hostage’s smile, cranked to 11. There’s a hint of playfulness in his eyes, a desperate need for it to be a light interaction he controls rather than a confrontation in which he’s the subject. Those eyes mask a deep need to reiterate, in all seriousness, that Biden knows what he’s doing and that what he’s doing is right, and if only she knew the degree to which he was right, she would get off his back about it and maybe thank him.

Then there’s the finger. He’s wagging it right in her face! A demonstration of dominance from the king of gesticulation.

I’m shocked that Berkowitz is cruelly ignoring Cayo’s preferred pronouns, but otherwise this is obviously right.

And as Cayo herself himself themself writes at

I can now make the connection between the man I saw and the man accused of harassment by multiple women. I saw a man capable of those things: A man who can’t take responsibility, who doesn’t respect women, and who gets in their personal space. He got angry and started to raise his voice, and I think it was an intimidation tactic. There’s no reason to wag your finger at a womxn or reprimand them for asking questions about things you have been in the press for just last week.

I’m not sure if Biden’s actions are violence toward women, or womxn, considering Cayo’s gender-neutral pronouns. But if they’re not, they should be. Those are the rules, right? If a member of a protected class is upset about another person’s behavior, especially if the perpetrator is a white male, then the accused is guilty of all alleged crimes of thought and deed. Clearly, Joe Biden hates women of all genders, and/or none.

Okay, everybody, Biden is #cancelled now. Bring on Kamala!