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Democrat Brags About Killing Babies, and 'Conservatives Pounce'

YouTube screenshot.

There’s a line of liberal “thought” on abortion that goes like this: If you think killing a baby is wrong, you’re a hypocrite because you don’t care about babies after they’re born. If you convince an expectant mother not to kill her child, that means you’re responsible for that child’s life and all the choices he ever makes. It’s better to just kill the kid before he becomes a problem.

This is how liberals “think.” They’ll try to rationalize and equivocate it, they’ll deny science by claiming a fetus isn’t a human being anyway, but their basic position on the matter is that some people are just better off dead. Libs see mankind the same way an exterminator sees a nest of roaches. I tend to share their dim view of humanity, but I draw the line at killing babies because they’re inconvenient.

So I applaud Alabama Democrat John Rogers for speaking plainly on the matter. He just stated the Democratic Party’s position on abortion very clearly and succinctly.

They’re gonna die anyway, right? Might as well get it over with. So say our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters.

And if you have a problem with such cold-blooded misanthropy, guess what?

That’s according to the intrepid journalists at The Hill.

Whenever I see a “Conservatives Seize” or “Conservatives Pounce” headline — it’s usually one or the other, with the occasional “Conservatives Weaponize” — I wonder why liberals aren’t seizing and pouncing. And the answer is always the same: Because they agree with it. They take it as a given. They hear somebody say something like that and just shrug. “Yeah, he’s right, isn’t he?”

Then, when normal people point out how horrible the Democrats’ plainly stated policies are, the critics become the story. Those dumb conservatives just don’t understand the nuances of a statement like, “Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later.” So they “pounce,” they “seize,” they “weaponize,” and so forth. It’s their problem that they don’t get it.

Killing babies is bad. People who lie about killing babies are even worse. So I have to give credit to John Rogers for cutting through the BS. He’s a terrible person, but at least he’s more honest about it than the journos who feel obligated to clean up after him.