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Only Chinese People Get to Make Chinese Food, or Something

I’m old enough to remember when racial segregation was a bad thing. Back in the beforetimes, we were encouraged to think of America as a melting pot, where people from many different backgrounds could commingle and learn from each other. Little did we know that what was really happening was something called cultural appropriation, which is very bad.

Do you like Chinese food? Are you Chinese? If your answer to the second question is “No,” then your opinion doesn’t matter anyway. Now shut up and educate yourself.

Amanda Prestigiacomo, Daily Wire:

A young mother in New York City has been targeted by left-wing social justice activists for daring to open a Chinese restaurant while being white.

Activists have accused Arielle Haspel of being culturally insensitive for naming her restaurant “Lucky Lee’s” and for suggesting her food is conducive for those seeking so-called “clean eating.”


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@luckyleesnyc opening on MONDAY! After 4 years of recipe testing, shlepping grocery bags to and from client cooking classes, tasting way too many versions of Sesame Chicken, my hands smelling of ginger and garlic and waking up at 3am with nightmares about chopsticks, I’m excited to share this new venture and for you to experience the Lucky Lee’s magic. May this restaurant give you that crispy, sweet & yummy food that you crave, in a vibrant atmosphere that makes you feel uplifted, with ingredients that make you feel great. Grateful for an incredible team of wok chefs, dishwashers, cashiers, architects, interior designers, florists, fabricators, plumbers, engineers, lighting designers, exterminators, inspectors, graphic designers, chefs, mentors, investors, consultants and YOU who are making this restaurant come to life. Feeling lucky. See you soon NYC! 🙏🥟🥢🎉 #feelgreatchinese #cleanchinesecuisine #luckyleesnyc #luckylees

A post shared by Arielle Haspel (@bewellwitharielle) on Apr 6, 2019 at 10:02am PDT

So now lots of people are yelling at this woman for daring to prepare foods she’s not supposed to touch. She’s white, which means it’s racist.

This sort of thing happens every so often. A couple of years ago, two women were forced to shut down their food cart in Portland, Ore., because they sold burritos even though they were white and people got angry. It’s racist to enjoy foods that were created in places you’ve never lived, or your ancestors never lived.

But only if you’re white, of course. Non-Caucasians are allowed to prepare recipes created by white people, because… why not? It would be silly to tell them to stop, wouldn’t it? Downright racist.

Stay in your lane, whiteys. If you’re Irish, limit yourself to potatoes and whiskey. If you’re German, you only get to make strudel and foods ending in -wurst. If you’re Danish, that’s also the only thing you can eat. Italians, fuggetaboutit. You don’t get to steal other people’s food ideas anymore, racists. Keep your grubby pale paws, and your dirty green money, to yourself.

Being woke seems really fun.