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Would You Vote for Alec Baldwin?

So far, all the Democratic candidates for president in 2020 are presenting themselves as an alternative to Donald Trump. Something different. But what if the Dems nominated somebody who’s exactly the same as Trump? What if you couldn’t tell them apart at first glance?

What if you could vote for this guy?


Please note that this is dated today, not April 8, 2016. For somebody who’s so preoccupied with Trump, Baldwin sure did forget the past three years in a hurry. Lots of people thought Trump would lose last time, myself included. Maybe beating him isn’t as easy as putting on a wig and a baggy suit to read some cue cards?

The two men are pretty evenly matched, but let’s compare and contrast:

  • They’re both loudmouth New Yorkers with astonishing egos
  • Trump had a highly rated NBC show, and Baldwin was on 30 Rock
  • Trump builds parking garages, and Baldwin beats people up over parking spaces
  • Trump Airlines was an even bigger flop than The Shadow, but at least it wasn’t The Shadow
  • Trump is a lifelong teetotaller, and Baldwin… isn’t

Also, Trump does a better Trump impersonation than Baldwin does.

I enjoy many of Baldwin’s movies, and he might be an even more entertaining POTUS than Trump. Just imagine, the first POTUS to beat up his own Secret Service agents for crowding him. But to answer his question, no, I would not vote for him. My heart belongs to McAfee.