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Kanye West Doesn't Care About Cuck People

President-elect Donald Trump and Kanye West pose for a picture in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York, Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

I can’t remember a time when Kanye West wasn’t out there doing something bonkers. This is a guy who launched to fame by rapping with his jaw wired shut after a car accident. He jumped onstage at an awards show and humiliated Taylor Swift. He marched with Occupy Wall Street to protest “the 1%,” while wearing $900 jeans and a $23,000 Rolex. He tried to “co-opt” the Confederate flag to sell t-shirts. And of course, he stood up in front of the whole world and told us what was really going on during Hurricane Katrina:

That last one made Kanye a liberal icon. He said what a lot of people believed. A lot of people still believe it. And if it isn’t actually true, so what? It makes people feel good to say it, and that’s what really matters. Kanye was part of the #Resistance before there were even hashtags.

But that was then. This is now. And now Kanye has committed the ultimate sin: Expressing approval of Donald Trump.

I ain’t sayin’ ‘Ye’s a redpiller, but his MAGA tweets are head-killers. (And what’s “dragon energy,” anyway? Has he been playing God of War this week?)

Then, he dropped a nuke:

Uh-oh. Sounds like he just woke up from being “woke”! And the fallout is spreading:

Chance the Rapper is right. Black people don’t have to be Democrats. But you’re not supposed to say that.

To a lot of Yeezy fans, this is heresy. It’s hate speech. It cannot stand. Here’s a sampling of the reaction from the shocked and angry Kanye fans who thought he was a comrade:

“Intent doesn’t matter as much as action and effect. And Kanye’s recent actions have shown, in a clear and unambiguous fashion, that he doesn’t care about black people.” — The Root

“His drive to be regarded as an outside-the-box thinker led him to be taken in by the absurd argument that black voters are slaves on the Democratic Party plantation.” — WaPo

“The Kanye West delusion is not one from which he’s suffering, but we are. It’s the lie that he — or anyone — is just like us, struggling against a machine, aching to express ourselves as clearly as possible.” — The Ringer

Just as in any other mind-control cult, there’s no greater thrill for a liberal than the self-righteous ecstacy of casting out a blasphemer. They love you when you say what they want to hear, but that only lasts until you say something they don’t want to hear. Then you’re out.

Hell, once upon a time they even loved Donald Trump. Just ask Joy Reid!

Not that “conservatives” are covering themselves in glory either. They hated Kanye for bashing Bush, and now they’re falling all over themselves because he put on a MAGA hat and said he doesn’t hate Trump like he’s supposed to. All is forgiven, right?

I’m just enjoying the show while it lasts. A Trump/Kanye alliance is too tenuous and volatile to go very far, because they’re too much alike. They’re both titanic narcissists with no filter and no regard for consequences. Sure, they’re buddy-buddy now, trolling the normies and owning the libs. But the minute one of them slights or displeases the other? If either of their egos gets the slightest bruise, all bets are off.

I can’t wait!