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Gordon Chang Sounds the Alarm About China at CPAC

Yao Dawei/Xinhua via AP

Gordon Chang moderated a panel on Friday at CPAC in which he and the panelists detailed China’s attempts to exert control over Asia, including Japan, Korea, India, Australia, and others. Their ultimate goal? All four panelists agreed that China’s goal is to take territory and control away from the United States.

Along with Gordon Chang, panelists included Jay Aeba, the Chairman of the Japanese Conservative Union; Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.); and Cleo Paskal of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Each panelist gave specific examples of China’s meddling in regional and U.S. affairs, and their skepticism that the Biden/Harris administration would properly recognize and deal with the threats coming from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Rep. Steube noted that the United States recently approved the importation of citrus fruit from China. With a bit of astonishment in his voice, he questioned why this could possibly benefit American consumers or producers in his home state of Florida. This is just another in a long list of products being imported from a regime that is intent on destroying the West. The panelists all agreed that allowing this economic activity to fund a hostile communist regime makes little sense for America’s interests.

Steube noted that when he brings this issue up with his Democratic colleagues in the House, the response is literal silence. They can’t come up with any answer at all when he asks why we should support the CCP.

China’s aggression in Asia, across the Pacific, and toward America has featured prominently in this weekend’s program. Chang will have two main stage speaking gigs on Sunday morning, and if we know anything at all about Donald Trump, he’s sure to bring up China in his speech in the afternoon.

The panel stayed away from the issues surrounding Joe Biden and son Hunter’s entanglements in China, focusing more on the CCP’s aggression. Paskal and Chang discussed China’s alleged interference in the elections in South Korea in April 2020, in which they have been accused of stuffing the elections with invalid ballots to usher in a communist-friendly legislature.

Sound familiar?

Jay Aebe spoke of the new prime minister of Japan and the importance of Japan’s continued resistance to China’s advances. As Taiwan belongs to the same archipelago as Japan, Aebe asserted that keeping Tawain independent is of vital interest to Japan as well as the United States. Should Taiwan fall to China, all panelists agreed, it would demoralize nations across the region and cause them to be less likely to resist China.

Joe Biden did come up toward the end of the panel. Chang asked the audience of about 150 to raise their hands if they felt more safe from China’s aggressions under Biden than Trump. Not a hand went up. When asked if they felt less safe, every hand in the room went up.

The panelists closed the session by expressing extreme skepticism that the Biden/Harris administration will take the steps necessary to contain China’s aggression in Asia, in the Pacific, and across the globe.

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