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St. Louis Communist Militia Group Member Threatens President Trump and Lawmakers

Captain Howdy on Twitter. Image via Far Left Watch.

A member of a communist militia group operating out of St. Louis regularly threatens violence against law enforcement, Republicans, and even the president of the United States on Twitter.

He has also used the popular social media platform to encourage his followers to dox and harass “government officials” who supported the repeal of net neutrality.

Despite this, Twitter has not suspended the abusive user’s account.

The People’s Revolutionary Defense Coalition is a relatively new coalition of  communists and anarchists that describes itself as a “militant leftist organization dedicated to armed self defense.”

According to Far Left Watch — which has been tracking the rise of far-left militia activity since the election of President Trump — “these groups have conducted numerous armed demonstrations, declared solidarity with foreign communist militia groups, and have even offered a downloadable ‘Guerrilla Warfare Manual’ with sections on kidnapping, executions, and terrorism.”

The FBI reportedly arrested the leader of one such group in Dallas back in December. Rakem Balogun, a key organizer of the anti-capitalist, Pan African militia group Guerrilla Mainframe, was taken into custody following a raid by the FBI and ATF on December 11, 2017.  According to its website, Guerrilla Mainframe “supports the abolishment of the U.S. Constitution as a political right, and favor a government based on the needs of the people.”

The PRDC seems to spend much of its time in St. Louis conducting hand-to-hand and paramilitary combat training, ostensibly for “self-defense.”

The group announced on its website its “first community self defense training of 2018” which will be held at an undisclosed location on January 13. Interested parties are asked to “message PRDC – St. Louis for details.” The group makes clear: “NO COPS // NO REACTIONARIES” are wanted.

But the PRDC’s public communications appear to be fairly mild in comparison to the rhetoric of individual organizers on Twitter.

One member with the Twitter handle “Captain Howdy” (@JackHerer20) constantly advocates for “property destruction, targeted political violence, and other criminal activity,” Far Left Watch reports.

You may recognize the anarcho-communist’s handle and his avatar from The Exorcist. “Captain Howdy” was the name young Regan MacNeil gave the demon who was possessing her. @JackHerer20 states in his bio: “We will continue to break the law and destroy property until we win.”

As Far Left Watch, notes, @jackherer20 frequently tweets about putting his political opponents against “the wall,” in reference to death by firing squad, “a common practice carried about by Communist revolutionaries against their political enemies.”

Here are a few examples of people he wants to put against “the wall”:

Captain Howdy REALLY doesn’t like the po-po:

Charming, no? Twitter apparently has no problem with any of these abusive tweets.

Hopefully the Secret Service is keeping an eye on “Captain Howdy” because of his threatening tweet against the president.

As Far Left Watch pointed out, “Romanov” is a “reference to the execution of the Romanov family in which Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, his wife, and their five children were shot, bayoneted and clubbed to death by Marxist Bolshevik troops.”

@jackherer20 also encouraged his followers to dox government officials who supported the repeal of net neutrality and told them to “show up in black bloc” at their private residences, presumably to harass and intimidate them.

These tweets appear to be an incitement to violence that the FBI should take seriously because as Far Left Watch reminds us, a left-wing extremist opened fire on a GOP congressional baseball practice last year.

All of @jackherer20’s tweets have been archived here, in case he decides to delete them.