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Vicious Attack in Ohio Fits Anti-Trump Pattern of Violence

An Ohio man is recovering in the hospital with a broken eye socket and liver damage after falling victim to what appears to be yet another vicious anti-Trump attack. PJ Media has documented close to twenty other violent attacks on Trump supporters since the election.

The altercation occurred Saturday night in the parking lot of Elsa’s restaurant in Kettering, Ohio, between a party of three and an anti-Trump group of about twelve African Americans.

Lee Arron Jackson told PJ Media that both parties were leaving at the same time and he held the door open for the anti-Trump group as they were filing out.

He said his friend casually told the boisterous group to “simmer down” as they were leaving because they were “having a fit” about President Donald Trump.

When he saw about three of them assaulting his friend out in the parking lot, Jackson said he intervened.

“We got swarmed,” Jackson told reporters. “I had six strangers beating me up. … I remember feeling something break in my face. … I remember asking them why they were doing this.”

He said a few of the people who were attacking him were laughing and recording the beat-down on their cell phones.

“It was ludicrous,” Jackson told PJ Media. He said he and his friends gave them no reason to believe they were Trump supporters, but thought they might have assumed so because residents of Kettering tend to be pro-Trump. He said the police could only air “a tiny bit” of the video that was found on one of the phones left at the scene because it contained so much foul language.

“They were shouting unsatisfactory things at me and my girlfriend,” Jackson said. “They actually referred to me as a n*gger a few times.” He said that they also threatened to rip out his girlfriend’s hair.

The biggest guy, he said, hit him in the face repeatedly. When employees from Elsa’s ran outside to help them, the thugs ran away.

Jackson said that he “is in a lot of pain, that his orbital socket was fractured and he will need plastic surgery to fix it.”

He told his friends on Facebook:
Where my eye is fractured, some of the meat is sinking into the recess. I have no control over my eye. They are going to have to drill into the roof of my mouth, insert a balloon, inflate it to push my ocular cavity back together.. get to keep the balloon in for two weeks only able to have a diet of strictly liquids for that duration.

He has set up a GoFundMe account to help him pay his medical bills because he has no insurance.

Jackson said he filed a police report with the Kettering Police Department, but so far there haven’t been any arrests.

If there are, Jackson said he’ll be pressing charges.

“I will do everything I can because I have never experienced anything like this; it disgusts me that this is a thing. That it was recorded like this is some kind of sport or something,” Jackson said.

The Dayton Daily News reported that the Kettering Police Department has identified “a person of interest” in connection with the assault over the weekend and is looking forward “to hearing his side of the story and what happened leading up to the assault.”

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