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Left-Wing Protest Group Admits Goal Is to 'Prevent Peaceful Transfer of Power'

A left-wing group that is planning a massive protest on Inauguration Day openly admitted during a press conference Thursday that their intention is to prevent the peaceful transition of power. The group, #DisruptJ20, held the press conference to proudly announce their plans to obstruct the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20.

The group’s website reads: “We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies. If Trump is to be inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state Trump will preside over.”

Their efforts to obstruct the inauguration have been endorsed by Michael Moore:

It’s not clear if Moore would have been equally supportive of their efforts had Clinton won the election, but this same group apparently planned to disrupt her inauguration, too.

“We do see ourselves as preventing a peaceful transition of power,” Legba Carrefour, one of the DisruptJ20 movement leaders, said at the press conference at St. Stephen’s Church in Washington, D.C.  “We’re not in favor of the peaceful transition of power.”

The young anarchist also rejected the calls for calm from various Democrat leaders.

“You saw Democratic luminaries from Obama to Hillary Clinton say, ‘Tamp this down, please stop this. The peaceful transition of power is of the upmost importance to the core element of democracy,’” Carrefour continued. “To me that says they value the continuity of government over who runs the government, be it a fascist or not. So if you ask me, stop the peaceful transition of power, and stop this kind of fascist government from taking power.”

Fellow #DisruptJ20 organizer Lacy MacAuley agreed with Carrefour, saying: “We absolutely are opposed to the transition.”

Via the Need To Know Network:

According to the Washington Post, police officers and National Guard members from across America will be assigned to Washington for the event.

“Along with D.C. police, the city will bring in 3,200 law enforcement officers from across the country to mainly work the parade route,” the Post reported. “Seven thousand members of the National Guard will also be in the District, unarmed and watching over the route. U.S. Capitol Police, which will also have a large security presence, would not comment on its inauguration plans.”

Bikers for Trump has also secured space among the protesters on Inauguration Day.

It is clear that there are going to be many incredibly ugly scenes, disruptions, and arrests on Inauguration Day, which the mainstream media will allow to overshadow the inaugural events.

It’s a pity. As disappointed, fearful, and upset conservatives were when Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012, no one on the right protested his elections or tried to ruin his inaugural events. This kind of vulgar indecorum and poor sportsmanship is strictly a left-wing thing.