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Report: Trump Considering Monica Crowley for White House Press Secretary

Fox News analyst Monica Crowley is under consideration to be President-elect Trump’s  press secretary according to multiple reports. She joins Republican National Committee chief strategist Sean Spicer, Trump communications adviser Jason Miller, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham and Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway in the White House Press Secretary sweepstakes. Crowley is the latest name to be floated as a contender for the top communications position.

Via The Hill:

Crowley, who is also a regular columnist for the Washington Times, was an early and vocal supporter of Trump. Politico noted that she warned Fox not to underestimate Trump when he launched his presidential bid last year.

But Laura Ingraham, another contender for the job, is still jockeying for the position. The conservative radio host also wants to expand the position by having a bigger role in policymaking, according to sources cited by Politico.

Ingraham recently confirmed on “Fox News Sunday” that she was under consideration for the gig.

“It’s an intriguing idea,” she said.

Both women were loyal supporters of Trump from the very beginning of his campaign, but Ingraham managed to get on the wrong side of many conservatives while Crowley did not. Because she never attacked the “Never Trumpers” the way Ingraham did, Crowley would be a less divisive choice.

In a column published in June 2015, not long after Trump announced his bid for the presidency, Crowley accurately predicted that he was “resurrecting the great, ‘silent majority,'” a term she borrowed from her old employer, former President Richard Nixon.

Crowley explained her thinking on election night on Fox news.

“Three weeks after Donald Trump announced for president… I came onto Fox News and I said stop laughing, do not underestimate him, he can win the whole thing,” she said.