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CNN Goes Into Full Meltdown for Hours After Trump Leaves Hospital, Returns to White House

(CNN video screenshot)

The talking heads at CNN, once the most respected news organization in the United States, have become the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, so when they accuse someone else of propaganda, it is rather amusing.

Their heads were exploding on Monday after President Donald Trump left Walter Reed hospital and returned to the White House and it was glorious to watch.

First came once-respected journalist Jake Tapper, who went into full attack mode against the president as if he were still working as a Democrat operative.

“Almost 210,000 Americans are dead,” Tapper said. “I just want to say to anybody out there who’s watching who has either lost somebody to this virus or is grappling with it… I just want them to know that there are plenty of us out here who understand that it’s okay to be afraid of COVID and it’s okay that it’s dominating your life because it has dominated your life!”

“And the idea that the president of the United States out there—because he feels fine and maybe that’s because of his steroid, I don’t know— that he’s saying this is so disrespectful to you and I just want to let you know that you’re not alone if you’re out there just shocked by this callous indifference,” he said in response to the tweet from the president saying he would be leaving Walter Reed hospital.

Then, during “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, the meltdown really got started as those on the show were beside themselves watching his exit.

“A photo op and a power trip. A literal power trip,” Brian Stelter said of the president leaving the hospital via Marine One.

“It’s not a real show of strength but it’s a performative show of strength,” Stelter said. “This is what strongmen do in autocratic regimes. Of course, thankfully, we’re in a democracy, but this is the kind of thing you see from strongmen who want to appear to be leading as a ‘Dear Leader’ sort of approach.”

And then there was White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who has spent the past four years doing everything in his power to attack the president.

“This is not just the president returning to the White House. This may be Patient Zero,” he said. “This is the virus coming back to the White House.”

“Having been here all day, it is eerily quiet and empty inside the corridors of the West Wing with Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, testing positive for the virus, two press assistants testing positive for the virus. They evacuated much of the West Wing earlier today,” he said.

But all of that paled in comparison to the prime-time hosts, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, who acted like they just got punched in the face.

“There he is, hair blown majestically. Reshooting the scene for his own ad,” Cuomo said of the video of the president returning to the White House. “What a bunch of bulls**t.”

“He didn’t just walk in the White House one time with no mask tonight. He had his video crew capture that stupid scene again so he could put out propaganda,” the host said.

And he is correct. The president did make a video of his return to the White House and it is awesome.

Then there was Anthony Scaramucci, who held a job in the White House for mere days, comparing the president to one of the most evil dictators in history.

“And you’ve got, I don’t know, the American Mussolini, standing on the balcony… we’ve never had a president stand on that balcony and do what he just did,” he said.

Don Lemon then devoted around the first 10 minutes of his show to ridiculing the president as he said, “He has turned an American tragedy into a made-for-TV travesty.”

These people are seriously broken.

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