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Seconds Into Press Conference, Biden Ignores Impact of Economic Shutdown

President Joe Biden’s opening remarks at his first formal press conference of the year on Wednesday quickly turned ludicrous when he touted his misleading economic record.

The president bragged of “record job creation” and “record economic growth” during his presidency, but left out one little detail about his claim.

There was a pandemic that was used as an excuse to shut down the economy, forcing many people into unemployment.

In 2020, the economy lost a net 9.37 million jobs. That had nothing to do with former President Donald Trump and everything to do with state and local Democrats and private companies deciding to lock down and scale back operations significantly.

Earlier on Wednesday, Senior Advisor for Communications to the National Economic Council Jesse Lee tweeted out a White House graphic attempting to place the blame for pandemic unemployment on the previous administration.

“Trump’s last year: -9.4 million jobs … Biden’s first year: +6.4 million jobs … The most jobs lost in one year vs the most jobs gained in one year, ever. Thanks to Biden’s American Rescue Plan and the competent vaccination effort it funded,” he tweeted.

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It’s no secret that the economy is slowly recovering in terms of jobs (although inflation would like a word), but it is ridiculous for Biden to take credit for the growth, when it had nothing to do with his policy and everything to do with the easing of lockdowns.