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WATCH: Berserk Left-Wing Activist Flips out in Chelsea Clinton's Face, Blaming Her for Christchurch Massacre

This is where we are. An American liberal pro-Palestine activist went bananas at a memorial service for the victims of the massacre at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, shouting in the face of Chelsea Clinton that she is the reason for racist, anti-Muslim murder.

The reason the activists singled out the pregnant former first daughter is that she (rightly) rejected the anti-Semitic theme of dozens of comments by Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar.

So to summarize, Chelsea Clinton’s opposition to anti-Semitism is inherently anti-Muslim, according to Palestinian activists.

I’m certain they don’t see what that reveals about their position. And you will be certain as well when you watch this absolutely bonkers video:

The insanity here may seem limited, and I guarantee some liberal on Twitter will complain that this is just one person, or just some nobody, and not representative of blah blah blah, but don’t fall for that nonsense. What this lunatic is expressing here is exactly what mainstream liberals, media, and elected Democrats have been saying since the Omar incident. They say that it’s a right-wing plot, or an Islamophobic outburst, to reject or condemn any remark by Rep. Omar.

It is the same thing they say about anyone who dares to point out the virulent anti-Semitism in the leadership of the Women’s March. As they will say about this activist, they also claim anyone who is too blatant to explain away, like Louis Farrakhan, is simply not important to Democrats and not part of the liberal worldview.

Those same people will claim that David Duke represents every single Republican.

By the way, Duke loves Ilhan Omar.

The activist who cornered Chelsea Clinton deleted her Twitter account, by the way. But not before doubling down, as Sooper noted at The Right Scoop.

Where are we as a country? After a horrific slaughter in New Zealand, American liberal activists are shouting down Chelsea Clinton for condemning anti-Semitism because, and I quote, it is “jumping on the right-wing bandwagon.”

Reason has abandoned us. There is no longer any such thing as logic, perspective, or even discourse. There is only the unhinged lunacy of two ill-defined but rabid groups demanding total partisan loyalty to their respective sides.

You should be worried. But if you’re one of those rabid, shrill, “it’s a binary choice” partisans yourself, it doesn’t matter what you should be. Because there is no should anymore, either. There is only shout.