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Shooting at Georgia High School after Graduation; One Dead (VIDEO) - UPDATES


The news is just coming in regarding a second shooting at a school today, this one in Georgia. Several outlets and Twitter accounts from the scene are reporting a multiple-casualty shooting at a graduation ceremony in Mount Zion, Georgia.

There are reports of at least one fatality.

Here are some of the breaking tweets.

From the Journal-Constitution:

Both people shot were adult women, Channel 2 Action News reported. One was shot in the leg and the other was shot three times. It is unclear if they were attending the graduation or not.

Police have confirmed to local TV and radio that the shooting was on school property and that they are still actively on the scene. Although this was during a graduation at the school, as the AJC notes, police have not confirmed whether that ceremony was the reason the victims or the shooter were on the grounds.

There is no word at the time of this posting on whether the shooter has been apprehended.

A terrible and tragic day. We will provide updates as they become available.

In the meantime, do pray.

UPDATE: (10:43 p.m.) Police speaking to reporters at the scene are stating that the shooting happened in a Mt. Zion High School parking lot, but that the victims were not students at the school. They have not stated why they or the shooter were on the school grounds.

UPDATE: (10:59 p.m.) Video: Clayton County Schools police chief speaks to reporters. The shooting took place in a parking lot after graduation, following an altercation.

The two victims are female. The Clayton County PD will be handling the investigation.

UPDATE: (11:26 p.m.) From wire reports:

According to Clayton County Police, the shooting happened after a graduation for the Perry Learning Center, an alternative learning high school. The ceremony, which began at 6 p.m. Friday evening, was being held across the street from Mt. Zion High School at the school’s performing arts center.

Police said as families were leaving, an argument broke out in the overflow parking lot, which leading to the shooting.

The ceremony referred to in the report was for the Perry Learning Center, which is part of Clayton County Public Schools. The parking lot where the shooting took place was across the street from the ceremony at Mt. Zion High, where they sent overflow parking. The victims and possibly the shooter were, according to reports, attending the ceremony, then moved to the parking lot where the altercation and shooting occurred.

The ceremony, the parking lot, and the high school are all part of the high school property, and that is why the Clayton County Schools Police will continue to handle all media inquiries and press avails.


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