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If You Think 2021 Has Been Rough So Far, Wait Until the Democrats Wage Their Next Horrible Battle

If You Think 2021 Has Been Rough So Far, Wait Until the Democrats Wage Their Next Horrible Battle
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

As I write this, the Texas House Democrats remain outside the state, denying a quorum so the legislature cannot pass some sensible election reforms. They’re holed up in posh hotels, begging for relief packages from their constituents (despite being wealthy themselves), and denouncing Texas and accusing Republicans of all manner of racist and heinous behavior.

A couple of the fleebaggers  — state Reps. Julie Johnson and Jessica Gonzalez — are reportedly vacationing in Portugal rather than do their voting duty. Everybody has to be somewhere and Portugal seems nice until one considers that they may be collecting their $211 per diem during their European vacation while Americans back home are facing threats of lockdowns again, plus travel restrictions that the Democrats violated when they flew on that posh chartered jet sans masks. Democrats are good at making up rules they want all of us to follow but which they have no intention of following themselves. Nancy Pelosi is threatening House Republicans with arrest if they don’t wear masks, but she went without a mask herself, and then called Rep. Kevin McCarthy a “moron.” Then AOC got caught engaging in mask theater. Her worshipful supporters think she’s sending the right “message,” but that’s not supposed to be the point of masking, is it? They’re allegedly about safety from a deadly virus. But the most pro-mask Democrats don’t behave as if masks are about much more than show and control.

About 60% of Americans believe we’re more divided now than we were last year according to Rasmussen. Our politics have been uglier in the past than they are now — we fought an actual civil war — but they may never have been more puerile, more insulting to the intellect, and shadier than they are now. The petty is the political and the political is petty and everything coming from the federal government and the cultural establishment is either actively destructive, mind-numbingly stupid, or so obviously ridiculous that it makes one question their own sanity. No sane person really believed it when the medical establishment declared that last year’s mostly peaceful deadly riots that burned out sections of whole cities were no problemo for spreading the coronavirus. No sane person could think printing trillions of dollars will not have the effect of devaluing dollars across the board, leading to inflation. But here we are with an administration that at least says it believes exactly that. The most viable alternative — that this administration knows its policies are harmful and enacts them anyway — is actually darker than assuming incompetence. The evidence for both possibilities is compelling.

No sane person believed that defunding police departments in our largest cities would have any effect other than increases in deadly crime. No sane person believed that. But Democrats did it anyway, and then shamelessly tried to pin it on Republicans, who don’t control most big cities and haven’t within most of our lifetimes.

Another for instance: Biden’s government is at this moment stashing COVID+ illegal aliens inside our country, not telling local or state governments about it, failing to quarantine them, and then suing Texas for trying to do something about it. This is an ugly, dangerous thing to do. Defunding police was an ugly, dangerous thing to do. Trashing mainstream Americans as racists for loving our country is an ugly, dangerous thing to do. Democrats have done these things and more because they believe it’s in their interests to do it. How could any sane person believe that? They’re either very stupid people or they have evil ulterior motives, or some combination of the two.

As ugly as things are now, from bolting a whole state to deny the democratic process to flouting their own mandates to bashing mainstream election reforms as “Jim Crow 2.0,” things are likely to get a whole lot uglier and worse later this year.

We’re in the dog days of summer now. Few are paying as much attention to politics as they will later on. The Democrats are worried about keeping the slim majority they have in the House. Their agenda cannot depend on Biden defying courts, packing huge bills with extremism and pork, and ramming executive orders down our throats forever. Biden’s disastrous policies aren’t helping, and helping even less from the Democrats’ point of view is the fact that Republicans control redistricting in more states than Democrats. But Democrats control the U.S. Department of Justice. The courts will soon become a battleground, with a sustained air war in the always partisan media, as the Biden government will take House district maps redrawn by Republican states to court. It’s going to happen.

As the Democrats’ fear of losing the House rises a few DEFCON levels and the redistricting processes get underway in the Republican-controlled states, the Democrats are likely to go nuclear in their rhetoric and tactics to set the stage for the media and court warfare to come. Forget normal political “scare tactics.” They’ll bring Jim Crow back up again, of course, but they’re going to go much farther than that. Redistricting comes just ahead of a mid-term election they’re already likely to get whooped in. They’ll pull out every accusation they can possibly think of, and where they have a Democrat elected district attorney, attorney general, or secretary of state with prosecutorial powers in a red state, they will use those offices against Republicans engaged in redistricting however they possibly can. I’m not talking merely about negative statements in the press, I’m talking about made-up accusations and phony prosecutions. Think Tom DeLay in the early 2000s. He was maliciously prosecuted at the local/state level in order to affect the balance of power in the U.S. House. He was later exonerated (because the charges were political and bogus), but not before that balance of power had actually been changed.

I’m also talking about another push to federalize elections ahead of the next election. Change not just the rules but the very ground on which elections are fought. Democrats will try every trick they can. They may draft a bill called We Love America and Apple Pie that has a Trojan horse provision that federalizes all elections. A Simone Biles Gold Medal Appreciation Day proclamation will have a by-the-way-we’re-federalizing-elections provision buried within.

Biden’s DOJ will be weaponized against every Republican state. Attorney General Merrick Garland is already proving himself to be a sharply and shamelessly partisan weapon. Witness his lawsuit against Texas for attempting to keep its people safe from a COVID super-spreader in those hotels on the border that Biden is perpetrating and covering up. That’s partisanism at its worst…so far. It’s ugly, it’s dangerous, but ultimately the Biden regime won’t correct course because, it’s reasonable to surmise, it mostly affects a red state that didn’t vote for him. Democrats aren’t likely to lose the House seats from those particular districts. What’s in it for him to fix the problem he created? That runs the risk of drawing attention to the problem. Some see in Biden’s COVID hotels a deliberate policy to force mandates and masks back on Americans, or even darker, a type of biowarfare against our own citizens. Neither is a popular policy, but at this point, it’s impossible to see much logic in anything Biden is doing.  How does one logically push for more Americans to get vaccinated and welcome COVID+ illegals into the country at the same time? Everything his government does feels like it could be rank stupidity, open perfidy, or a deliberate provocation for some political purpose. Even their newfound disdain for Andrew Cuomo feels more convenient than principled. They could have ditched him at any time after his nursing home cover-up was exposed, yet even now, that’s not driving them to push him off the cliff.

Things are bad now. I recall the bad old days of the OPEC boycott and the Soviets on the march and Jimmy Carter’s stagflation. This is feeling worse. Biden is awful. Our institutions and corporations have been captured by people who are openly hostile to our country and keep redefining basic words and daring anyone to question them at risk of being canceled. China is on the march. Biden’s Democrats will soon slip from worried to desperate, and desperate people with power become dangerous indeed.

I’m saying that as bad as things are now it will get worse. Much worse. I don’t know exactly how yet. But bank on desperation driving the Democrats to new lows we haven’t even thought of yet, but that they’re likely planning for right now.

Joe Biden has never shown any capacity to be anything other than a divisive hatchet man and partisan hack. He’s only nominally in charge now, and those around him within the White House oligarchy are at least as divisive as he is. Probably more. Gird your loins.