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[WATCH] NC's First Black Lt Gov, Mark Robinson, DESTROYS Democrats' Scurrilous Voter ID Claims and Obliterates Their Quest for Total Power

Screenshot from embedded video.

Mark Robinson is a leader to watch. He is North Carolina’s first black lieutenant governor. The Republican is a born leader and one of the best speakers the party has at the moment. He speaks from the heart, fearlessly, and crushes Democrat lies and woke nonsense.

Robinson recently spoke out against the Democrats’ and corporate America’s dishonest criticisms of Georgia’s election law and slammed Democrats for insulting black people by claiming they’re not capable of obtaining a free ID to be able to vote. He calls the black experience in America, overcoming slavery and Jim Crow (which was Democrat policy), an “incredible story of victory.” Robinson hammers the Democrats for trying to seize unchallenged power over the entire country.

Watch, and share. More Americans need to hear from Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson.