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No Big Deal, Just TWO Major Media Outlets Repeatedly Turning to an Accused Iranian Propagandist for Opinion

No Big Deal, Just TWO Major Media Outlets Repeatedly Turning to an Accused Iranian Propagandist for Opinion
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Remember when the New York Times newsroom went into open rebellion because the paper published an opinion piece by Sen. Tom Cotton—an opinion shared by a majority of the American public at the time?

That was too much for the woke newsroom, so they forced the editor to resign.

American mainstream opinion evidently has no place at America’s alleged paper of record. But Iran’s opinion passes the Times’ editorial standards with ease.

For years, the same New York Times was repeatedly publishing the opinions of one Kaveh Afrasiabi. Who’s that? Well…

press release from the Department of Justice announcing the unsealing of a criminal complaint in the case says, “Since at least 2007 to the present, Afrasiabi has also been secretly employed by the Iranian government and paid by Iranian diplomats assigned to the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations in New York City (IMUN).  Afrasiabi has been paid approximately $265,000 in checks drawn on the IMUN’s official bank accounts since 2007 and has received health insurance through the IMUN’s employee health benefit plans since at least 2011.”

The press release said that while employed by the Iranian UN mission, Afrasiabi “authored articles and opinion pieces espousing the Iranian government’s position.”


The Times wasn’t alone. Afrasiabi was also a frequent guest on CNN, the network currently engaged in anti-competitive practices in trying to silence news networks such as NewsmaxTV, OANN, and Fox News, that have the gall to offer opinions that differ from those of CNN anchors Tater, Don Lemon, and Chris “my brother is the governor so CNN gave me a job” Cuomo.

Show transcripts also reveal Afrasiabi has repeatedly appeared on CNN, including on September 7, 2006, June 16, 2009, June 19, 2009, and June 14, 2009.

All of those appearances were a while ago and fall under the time Afrasiabi is accused of working for the Iranian regime. Which makes one wonder: How did that happen? Who at CNN booked him, and why? How did they find him? What did CNN know and when did they know it?

According to the criminal complaint, he also lobbied a U.S. congressman and the Department of State for more favorable policies for Iran. It would be fascinating to know who that congressman is, what position Joe Biden plans to give him or her in his administration, and what resulted from the lobbying.

The New York Times Loves Iran, and Wants You to Love It, Too

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