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'You're Our Only Hope!': Liberal Austin Cries out for Republicans to Save It from Democrat Homeless Policy

'You're Our Only Hope!': Liberal Austin Cries out for Republicans to Save It from Democrat Homeless Policy
Homeless camp in south Austin, TX.

Since Austin’s liberal policy on homeless camping went into effect on July 1, the big question is how much of an impact would it really have? Was the issue overblown? Would Austin residents see homeless camps pop up all over town or not? And would Austin, woke and weird capital that it is, object to it all?

The results are in and growing. And if Los Angeles is any guide, they are urgent. Mayor Steve Adler recently traveled to L.A. to “learn” how to handle homelessness from the Democrat-run city. Austin and L.A. both have permissive camping policies.

Well, L.A. now has a major rat problem.

An ever-growing number of rodents in California — particularly in Los Angeles — is being fueled by a spiking homeless population and restrictions on rodenticides that are risking a public health crisis, according to a study released Tuesday.

Rodent’s can carry dangerous diseases such as typhus, plague and salmonella, in addition to their roles contributing to asthma.

Is this Austin’s future now?

The camps and lawlessness are becoming a visible part of the Austin landscape all over the city. Austinites are posting photos on Twitter to alert Mayor Steve Adler — and the media, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and each other — as they see new camps or campers.

Yes, that’s a fire burning right under the roadway.

You’ll notice several tweets from the AnnsKitchen_ATX feed. That’s a play on the name of Austin city council member Ann Kitchen, who voted along with Mayor Adler to enable homeless camping all over town, except city hall and the public parks. Like Adler and other city council members, Kitchen has largely gone silent on homelessness since approving the permissive camping policy.

Do watch the video in journalist Phil Prazan’s tweet above. I mentioned it in the last missive on this misguided misadventure. It offers a glimmer of hope that Austin may wake up in time to save itself.