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SNL's Evolution of Hillary: From 'Joyful' to Kinda Diabolical

Something has happened to Saturday Night Live’s portrayal of Hillary Clinton over the years.

A skit this past weekend showed the contrast when the 2008 version of Hillary, played by Amy Poehler, showed up in the dream of this year’s Hillary, played by Kate McKinnon.

The Hillary portrayal has grown more… diabolical? Bug-eyed, snarling, calculated.

The actresses acknowledged the difference in their demeanors.

“You changed your hair!” Hillary 2008 notes.

“Well, people said I should so I did,” replies Hillary 2016.

Hillary 2008: “And your laugh is different, too! It’s less joyful!”

Hillary 2016: “Well, I’ve been through seven years more things, so… Here’s a little sneak peak: Benghazi.”

Hillary 2008: “Who’s Benghazi?”

Hillary 2016: “Oh, you young, naive girl of 61…”

Hillary’s ghost of Christmas past warns present-day Hillary that she was “cocky, too,” and “then someone named Barack Obama stumbled out of a soup kitchen with a basketball and a cigarette and stole my life.”

Toward the end of the skit, Hillary 2008 pulls out her Blackberry to send an email; Hillary 2016 promptly snatches the device and breaks it. “Trust me, you’ll thank me later,” McKinnon says.