Walker Compares Today's 'Angry Mobs' to 2011 Wisconsin Protesters

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. -- Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker compared the 2011 protests against his government to the protesters at town hall meetings and "angry mobs" blocking campus speakers, calling them "defenders of the status quo" trying to stop elected leaders from implementing their agenda.

Speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington, Walker did not mention his former challenger in the GOP primary -- President Trump -- and focused heavily on his record in Wisconsin.

Walker said the current wave of protests across the country is "exactly" like what happened when thousands protested at the state capitol in Madison and elsewhere against the governor's plan to limit collective bargaining. They culminated in a failed recall effort against Walker in 2012.

Walker said he called Education Secretary Betsy DeVos after she was recently blocked by protesters from entering a D.C. school. "You know what?" he said he told her. "Been there, done that."

He recalled protesters gluing the doors to an elementary school shut when he was heading there to read to children. He entered the school after the door hinges were removed.