New Photo Caption Contest: Hope and Change Morphs Into Shame

Photo Credit: Getty

Photo Credit: Getty


When I first saw our contest photo attached to a piece in the liberal-leaning Daily Beast with the headline, Americans Don’t Like Obama’s Job Performance — or Him,” I literally gasped.


As an occasional “conservative” contributor to the Daily Beast, I understand the mindset of their editors and readers.

So now I can officially declare that Obama-mania has been extinguished for such a headline to have appeared.

With the accepted knowledge that PJ Tatler Photo Caption Contests are all about YOUR brilliance and creativity, here is another opportunity to display those talents.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend when you need an escape from eating, shopping, football, or listening to that obnoxious relative who took the President’s advice and is talking up Obamacare at dinner, just slip away to a quiet place and write a snarky caption.

But not too snarky because our Beloved Leader does not enjoy criticism, or your humor, and is not afraid to unleash the IRS if he perceives you are a threat. (Just ask Dr. Ben Carson after he spoke out against Obamacare at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this year.)


Besides a general caption, feel free to write “thought bubbles” for the poster and the man walking by.

Little poems are also encouraged like this one I could not resist:

No more hope or change?

It’s such a darn shame

but all you Dems must take the blame

cuz the GOP knew back in ’08 that his slogan was insane.

For the only slogan he ever needed was “blame Bush”

and the results would have been the same.



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