Photo Caption Contest Winner: Bible Series/Obama Look Alike Controversy Is All The Rage

It was early Monday when I sought PJ Tatler editor Bryan Preston’s approval for what I assumed was going to be a controversial new photo caption contest. But as we all know, this Obama/Devil actor look-alike controversy took off like a bat out of hell across all media platforms — so our amusing little contest did not ignite any new infernos.


Thanks to all who submitted captions thus making this contest very popular, but why no submissions from Dante or Damian?

As requested, most of you used restraint, so more thanks for abiding by the rules. However, even with the rules obeyed, I still have trouble at home. For with each Obama-themed caption contest my husband continues to raise hell — warning of a potential audit and predicts my vacationing alone in reeducation camp this summer. (The only up-side is I will finally get to meet some of you!)

Now, let it be said that you all make judging hard as hell.

Due to a high volume of terrific captions a Top Ten Winner’s circle is the best I could do.

Well Bush you lucked out, now I can say the devil made me do it.

Thanks a lot History Channel, Your ratings went up and mine went to hell.

Both submitted by Donald Eugene

Obama and his media…or… The Devil Wears Pravda

I guess this would make Eric Holder, the Devil’s Advocate.

Nah, I’ve seen him throw a pitch and I’ve watched him bowl. More like the Prince of Dorkness.


The above three were submitted by cfbleachers (our royal Caption King)

I can see fire and brimstone from my house.

The Book of Apocalypse and Time Magazine foretold my Coming.

Both submitted by Adi

“Google’s new 3-D glasses add reality and depth you’ve never seen.”

Submitted by Fail Burton

At least the devil will let you eat junk food.

Submitted by rbj

These spot-the-difference puzzles are getting harder.

Submitted by Bill Reader

See you all next time a photo or an actor playing a Bible character who  “accidentally” resembles the President of the United States is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.










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