New Photo Caption Contest: Obama’s Bent Knee Body Language at the Debate Podium

This new Photo Caption Contest is a public service for all PJ Tatler readers so that you can express your true feelings about President Obama’s debate performance last evening.


Does this photo, currently up on the Drudge Report, of Our Beloved Leader’s lower body language prove that he was in a state of tension? Was he missing his teleprompter? Was he thinking about how he would rather be off partying with Beyonce in Vegas? Did Romney’s attacks make him have to go wee-wee?

Now, I am not a body language expert but I am sure many of you are, so caption this photo with your best explanation of Obama’s awkward stance.

As always, the only contest rules are “be nice and stay classy” because “the media” is watching.  Realizing these rules may be a bit more difficult to abide by with this contest photo I have agreed to BEND the rules slightly.

For this contest only YOU DO NOT have to “stay classy.”  However, you must still “be nice.”

The winner, as usual, will receive priceless PR in a future post.

So good luck and please remember NOT staying classy does not give you a ticket to go off the rails of the crazy train.



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