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Marx's Ghost

Once in power, the Democratic Party began an undercover effort to transfer the country's private economy into the government's hands. The process started with the automobile industry, which had been almost bankrupted by the United Auto Workers, a labor union representing workers in the United States and Puerto Rico. In the summer of 2009, the federal government gave General Motors $49.5 billion in "aid." In exchange, the government took roughly 61% ownership of GM. Chrysler was bailed out in 2009 as well, receiving $30 billion from the U.S. government with the condition that the UAW receive a 55% share of the company.

On Christmas Eve 2009, the Democratic-led U.S. Congress empowered the government -- secretly, at midnight -- to take over most of the U.S. health care system.

A Democratic Party victory in the 2012 elections would dramatically intensify the transfer of America's private economy into the government's hands. In other words, stealing would become a governmental policy in the U.S., just as once happened in the Soviet Union, in South America and in every other part of the world where the Marxists have been able to take the helm of the government into their own hands.

On February 15, 2003, an estimated one million young people took to the streets all over Europe, not to celebrate the freedom they enjoy because the United States protected them from becoming Soviet slaves, but to condemn the evil American capitalism portrayed by a disgusting book called Empire.[vii] Its co-author, Marxist professor Antonio Negri, was a KGB asset back when I was at the top of the KGB intelligence community. He served time in jail for his involvement in kidnapping and killing former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro. The New York Times called Negri's modern-day Communist Manifesto “the hot, smart book of the moment.”[viii]

As I watched the television spectacle showing those young people demonstrating against capitalist America, I could picture myself among them. They belonged to a new generation, but they were condemning the same kind of fabricated American capitalist monsters as I had done back in the 1950s, and they were just as many thousands of miles away from the real America as I had been.

Looking back on that time in my life, I realize how much easier it is to change one’s view of America at 25 than at 50, especially when America is some vague place thousands of miles away. Alas, now even young Americans born in this country seem to be as far from the real America as I was fifty years ago, and as caught by the siren song of Marxism as I was at 25.

A few days ago, PJMedia published an extremely important editorial: "Changing Minds in Crunch Time." Its bottom line is disarmingly sincere: "I was a liberal once," wrote PJMedia's CEO, Roger Simon. "So were many others I could name and still more I have never met or heard of." But we changed. "The question is not wheter to change people or whether they can be changed. The operative question is how they can be changed. We at PJMedia think about this every day. One of the things we consciously attempt to do is provide you with some ammunition."

Remember the Reagan Democrats who played a vital role in defeating Jimmy Carter's undercover Marxism? They switched to Reagan because he had also purged himself of his own youthful infatuation with Marxism. There are still a lot of the old, non-Marxist Democratic Party members around who remember President John F. Kennedy's 1961 inaugural address: "Ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country." Let's help them become "Romney Democrats."


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