The Economy? No, It's the Culture, Stupid.


Many people are starting their day in dazed state of incredulous disbelief. How could we lose an election to a president who has given us a nightmare of an economy, dangerous foreign policy and so much more? Where were all those Chick-Fil-A people? Why weren’t they at the polls?


Romney and Ryan ran a solid campaign and worked hard, but Romney was never considered to be a real conservative. Conservatives were willing to stand up and back him as the only alternative to four more years of Obama. Most of us focused our time on politicians and campaigns, but our focus was misdirected. Chick-Fil-A Day should have shown us that it is not always the economy, stupid. It is the corrupt culture. People poured their hearts and souls into Chick-Fil-A Day because they were fighting for their very way of life and their religious freedom.

We are repeatedly told that we should stay away from those pesky social issues. Well, it appears that those are exactly what we should be focusing on. We have allowed political correctness and Leftist bullies to take us here for decades. Now is the time to change focus from politicians to real culture change. They own the media, Hollywood, universities, public schools and much more. The battleground is there now, not in Washington.

You want to really see change in Washington? Then start changing the culture and the politicians will follow. After all, that’s what they do.


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