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Dianne Feinstein's—and the Left's—Cognitive Dissonance on Guns

sotloffThis just in:

ISIS terrorists released a video Tuesday that claims to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff. In the video titled “A second message to America,’’ Sotloff, 31, of Florida can be seen kneeling in orange garb in front of a black-cloaked executioner following news footage of President Obama talking tough about the terror group. Sotloff says into the camera that he is “paying the price’’ for US intervention in Syria. —

Now read this story:

Without offering specifics on any threats or suggestions on how to confront them, the leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives intelligence committees urged the White House to work to prevent the Islamic State extremists from launching attacks on US soil. The bipartisan pair shared a dire warning against the IS group, which now has control of vast swathes of Syria and Iraq, has killed civilians from that region and beheaded American journalist James Foley. "This is a group of people who are extraordinarily dangerous," said Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who leads the upper house intelligence panel. "And they'll kill with abandon." In a separate TV interview, Mike Rogers, leader of the House Intelligence Committee warned the leaders of the Islamic State, sometimes also called ISIL or ISIS, are looking for a spectacular attack that would help them raise money and recruit more fighters. "ISIL would like to have a Western-style attack to continue this notion that they are the leading jihadist group in the world," said Republican Mr Rogers.

And now recall that Sen. Feinstein ("I have a deep belief that these weapons are antithetical to our values") is one of the foremost proponents of the disarming of the American people -- "gun control" -- in Congress.  The Left would rather see you die than have the ability to defend yourself. They fear the power of the citizenry more than they fear America's enemies. What does that tell you about who they are? For how is the threat posed to America by ISIS anything other than a validation of the Second Amendment and your right to keep and bear arms? With the southern border wide open, and the PC Police refusing to answer any questions about who and what is flooding into our country, the necessity of self-defense is no longer merely theoretical.  Intelligence sources confirm that ISIS is seeking a Mumbai-style assault on a European or American city, where the first line of defense would be neither the cops -- trained to catch crooks, not repel invasions -- or the army but... you. Admiral Yamamoto may not in fact have said that a Japanese invasion of the U.S. was impossible because "there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass," but the gist certainly used to be right. Is it anymore?