'The Right Thing to Do'

Get used to this phrase, because you’re going to be hearing it a lot. Especially if the Supreme Court slam dunks the Patient Deflection and Unaffordable Care Act into history’s ash can tomorrow.


One of the defining characteristics of the modern Left is its constant appeal to a “higher moral authority.” For a group with a sizable cohort of atheists, they are positively giddy in their devotion to morality. You hear it from them all the time. As my favorite lefty, “David Kahane,” writes in Rules for Radical Conservatives:

When we speak of such things as fierce moral urgency, our “morality” is based on absolutely nothing more than whatever suits our purposes, and bears only an accidental resemblance to anything found in such traditional sources of morality as churches and synagogues, or basic common decency…

Although we’ve been able to attract a great many well intentioned or well indoctrinated or, well, let’s call it confused, people to our side, that’s mostly because we’ve so stridently claimed, with no factual basis whatsoever, the moral high ground for so many years that it is now socially unacceptable to oppose us.

President Obama thinks a lot of things are the right thing to do, whether shoving Obamacare down the nation’s throat, unilaterally changing the law on illegal immigration, making recess appointments when the Senate is not officially in recess, and simply refusing to “faithfully execute” duly passed laws, such as the Defense of Marriage Act. As Sen. John Kyl said to Bill Bennett on the radio, “impeachment is always a possibility.”

The farce that was the Clinton trial in the Senate — aided and abetted by the Senate Republicans and presided over by the late Chief Justice Rehnquist, wearing a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta costume — pretty much ensures that we won’t see another impeachment in our lifetimes (unless, of course, it’s of a Republican president). And, in any case, Kyl was speaking speculatively, answering the question of how to rein in a runaway chief executive.


But the larger issue — of lawlessness at the executive level in the name of a “higher morality” — remains. As my character “Kahane” explains above, there is in fact no moral basis for the Left’s bogus morality; it’s just its usual lust for power dressed up in Judeo-Christian trappings in order to seduce the gullible, the devotional, and the feeble-minded. It’s “American taqiyya” in action, asking “what would Jesus do?” while watching Alinsky’s Lucifer give you two thumbs up.

True, there’s a sucker born every minute, as Barnum famously said. But even (in Glenn Reynold’s phrase) “self-identifying rubes” eventually come around once the disparity between kind word and brutal deed becomes too evident to ignore. So how can we help them?

The first thing is to stand up say: it’s not the right thing to do. Because we’re talking principles, not programs.

For example, Obama likes to tout the fact that, under Obamacare, young people can stay on their parents’ insurance plans (yeah, right) until age 26. But why is that a good thing? People in their mid-twenties should be working and taking care of themselves. It’s a sucker’s game, getting them to cheer for something that a) they’re highly unlikely to use or even need at that age, while b) paying through the nose for the privilege of being coerced. Get a job!


The problem is, there are no jobs — Obama and the Democrats are busily seeing to that. And what jobs there are will soon be jettisoning their health insurance plans if Obamacare somehow survives both the Court and the next election. Labor-force participation is at a low ebb, food-stamp families are on the rise; meanwhile the Democrats preach the fraudulent virtue of “compassion” while they debilitate yet more American families; the only morals they care about are the kind they can sap. Indeed, there is nothing “compassionate” about Obamacare because the principle behind it is fundamentally totalitarian: compassion doesn’t apply at the point of the Internal Revenue Service’s gun.

It’s also not the “right thing to do” for the president — who’s an executive, not a legislator — to be making new law on the fly, marginalizing Congress (easy, considering the eunuchs who inhabit it), and erecting — in the words of the Declaration of Independence —  “a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

When Barack Obama says “it’s the right thing to do,” what he really means is “it’s the right thing for him to do.” Because, after all, he is the Emperor Hussein and we are all his humble subjects. Or will be, unless he and the criminal organization masquerading as a political party he heads is defeated in November.


And not just defeated, but crushed. Because they never stop, they never sleep, they never quit. Twice since the radical Left seized control of the Democratic Party in the aftermath of its 1968 loss to Richard Nixon, Republicans have watched mighty landslide victories go to waste. Nixon’s demolition of McGovern in 1972 was quickly reversed by the media via Watergate. Reagan’s even bigger Electoral College blowout of Walter Mondale in 1984 evaporated eight years later with the Clinton administration and its subsequent tawdry history.

It will take a similarly sizable rout this year to begin to redress the balance. And even then, it’s only a start. But it is the right thing to do.


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