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Unexamined Premises

If this is chaos, let us have more of it.
The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is a bad idea whose time should never come.
Will Robert Mueller's probe affect the course of the fall elections? Is the Pope Catholic?
Merkel? Macron? ABT -- anybody but Trump.
In the Mueller investigation, all roads lead to Rod Rosenstein.
They always tells us whom they fear.
But shhhh... you're not allowed to talk about it.
If this is "chaos," let us have more of it.
Who says Trump doesn't have the guts to shut down the Russia probe?
As federal judges join the "resistance," it's time for Congress to remind them who's boss.
Tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple affect our lives far more than Standard Oil or Ma Bell ever did.
We don’t want to be the Soviet Union. But neither do we want to be France.