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Unexamined Premises

They came not to praise John McCain, but to bury Donald Trump.
The technology revolution has atomized the news and business cycles and sped up our lives immeasurably. But is that a good thing?
Starting with: just who the hell is she?
Another minor federal judge issues a nationwide order to the Commander-in-Chief.
Rising violence, increasing fear -- so naturally Canadian officials blame guns.
When will the president draw his vorpal sword and cut to the chase?
As Mutti Merkel climbs down, the German desire for Ordnung reasserts itself.
In a triumph of "feminism" over ethics, the New York Times gives Ali Watkins a pass and journalism a scarlet letter.
Both sides know that in the struggle for the soul of America, there can be only one winner.
As the West finally awakens to a mortal threat, the days of uncritical acceptance of "refugees" are coming to an end.
On this Memorial Day, what unites us still outweighs what divides us.
A strong Deutschland or a weak one -- which is worse?