Unexamined Premises

Surprised by joy: Andrew Klavan's riveting new memoir describes his unexpected journey to Christ.
You can’t prep a stab in the back without leaving your fingerprints on the knife.
In the face of Muslim terror, a call for the defense of the West.
Welcome to "1968: the Sequel," America. You're going to hate it.
Roger L. Simon's new book, I Know Best, torpedoes the Least Great Generation.
Trump, Clinton, Sanders and the end of ideology.
Remnants of the Nixon administration have long passed their sell-by dates. Now, they're simply fascism.
To save the nation, put the politicians, judges, and presidents back in their Constitutional boxes -- for good.
As the big number in "Chicago" goes: they had it coming.
The long and winding road from 1968 terminates in this year's electoral nightmare.
By ending ISIS permanently.
But whining about liberal bias means nothing if you don't back it up with some action of your own.