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Unexamined Premises

As the Left creates ever-crazier counterfactuals, institutional emasculation prevents the traditional side of the ledger from responding effectively.
Moonbats circle as fires rage, snow falls, and the apocalypse looms.
World War One ended exactly a century ago. But did it, really?
With prominent links to Iran and China. Why are we just hearing about this now?
The centerpiece of the Reconstruction amendments had one specific, historical purpose: to make the freed slaves citizens. Any other interpretation is historically and legally incorrect.
She has no one to blame but herself. Now it's time for the Germans to undo the damage.
Just in time for the election, The Camp of the Saints is arriving on our doorstep.
As the chancellor falls, the postwar German political consensus comes apart.
But just as in the Civil War, there are still many bloody battles to be fought before we get to Appomattox.
Fashioning the Narrative, one Japanese termite and girls' basketball team at a time.
Mad rush to dispossess the native Irish in favor of cultural enrichers continues apace.
As the European Union starts to crack, no one has the slightest idea what will happen next. But it won't be pretty.