Unexamined Premises

All things must pass, and some things return -- but which? Christians? Druids?
The wages of "diversity" is division.
Women volunteering for combat was always a terrible idea. Now they may be drafted into it. Congratulations, feminists.
The U.S. and Britain do right by the ISIS brides -- they kick them out.
The income tax was always just a way to prevent the middle class from ever accumulating wealth.
The BuzzFeed Boner puts a stake through the heart of honest journalism.
From Walter Duranty to I.F. Stone to Ted Kennedy, Moscow's always had a friend in the USA.
The New York Times tries a hit piece on Trump's bone spurs, and fails.
Dear Mr. President -- keep them all.
As the Left creates ever-crazier counterfactuals, institutional emasculation prevents the traditional side of the ledger from responding effectively.
Moonbats circle as fires rage, snow falls, and the apocalypse looms.