Is This the Way the Bomb Ends?

I don’t know what’s going on in Iran, but a second nuclear facility has reportedly just exploded. This one, in Isfahan, is where uranium was being enriched.

Tehran denies it. Israeli officials say the explosion was deliberate, but decline to say whether or not they are responsible.


UPDATE: I have to say that if Iran’s nuclear weapons problem is effectively destroyed this way–without leading to even a localized war let alone a regional war because Tehran so desperately wants to deny that anything is even happening–those who have argued for years that we should learn to live with an Iranian bomb will look ridiculous.

UPDATE: A source I trust just told me that the journalist who broke this story has a dubious track record. That doesn’t necessarily mean the story is wrong, but these kinds of stories are sometimes goofed at the outset even by journalists with good records, so we shouldn’t assume we have this all figured out yet.


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