Michael Totten

I Posted the Following at Instapundit Today

CLAIRE BERLINSKI at City Journal wonders why hardly anyone cares about the unread Soviet archives.

PATRICK WINN at the Atlantic says Bangkok looks, smells, and sounds like war.

TONY BADRAN on the shape of things to come with Iran.

AFTER SWEDISH CARTOONIST LARS VILKS was attacked in a theater last week for showing ten seconds of a provocative film offensive to Muslims, his house was set ablaze over the weekend.

MIDDLE EAST democracy advocates are fed up with Obama. If he didn’t see that coming, he certainly should have.

REQUIRED READING: My colleague Rick Richman at Commentary agrees with me that Paul Berman’s terrific new book The Flight of the Intellectuals should be considered required reading, and he adds two more to the list: Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism in England by Anthony Julius and The Tyranny of Guilt: An Essay on Western Masochism by Pascal Bruckner.

TERRORISTS KILL MUSLIMS AGAINST TERRORISM: Two Sunni Arab imams in Iraq were savagely murdered today after preaching against Al Qaeda in their mosques.

MAOIST REBELS destroy a bus in India with a roadside bomb and kill dozens, including civilians and police officers. It’s hard to believe communist insurgency is back so many years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, but at least it doesn’t have much of a cheering section this time.