Generation Kill

Last week I recommended The Hurt Locker, the best movie made yet about the war in Iraq, but there was some grumbling in the comments by annoyed veterans. I noticed some of the same mistakes, but they’re the kinds of errors most people in the audience won’t care about or even notice if they haven’t served in the military or spent a lot of time with the soldiers and Marines in Iraq.


If you’re the kind of person who’s a stickler for the details, take a look at Generation Kill, the eight-hour HBO mini-series.

Generation Kill DVD

I prefer The Hurt Locker, mostly because it takes place in Iraq after the U.S. invasion, the only time I’ve ever been there. Generation Kill is about the invasion itself. I can’t vouch for how realistic the mini-series is or is not because I wasn’t there, but if the reviews by veterans at are reliable, the portrayal of the American invasion of Iraq is authentic.

It’s available in Blu-ray, as well.


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