Michael Totten

Iranian demonstrators ignore threats

Iran’s protesters are ignoring the intimidation handed out by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei this morning.Instead, Musavi has chosen not to comment, but will instead rally people tomorrow afternoon in Tehran. Below is a statement from an Iranian reformist blog “Campaign 88”:http://campaign88.persianblog.ir/ (this year is 1388 in the Iranian calendar).
bq. “Reformist Blog: ‘Destiny-Making’ Protest March To Go On in Tehran 20 Jun 09”:http://raymankojast.blogspot.com/2009/06/reformist-blog-destiny-making-protest.html
The destiny-making march will take place at 1600 [1130 gmt] on Saturday [20 June] in the company of Messrs [Mehdi] Karrubi, [Mir-Hoseyn] Musavi and [Mohammad] Khatami from Revolution Square towards Azadi [“Freedom” Square].
bq. We call on all the supporters of reform and change to have an overwhelming presence so that their cries are a protest at cheating and lying and backing for it at the highest levels of the system. May the massive crowd make all officials, who do not attach the slightest value to the people’s votes, tremble.