Michael Totten

Postcards from the Balkans

I’ll have some proper material for you shortly, but I’m moving around a lot right now and don’t have much time to sit down and write. So here’s a photo gallery of the Middle East of Europe on the road to Kosovo:
Belgrade Blocks 1.jpg
Tower blocks, Belgrade, Serbia
Hotel Moscow Belgrade.jpg
Hotel Moskva (Moscow), Belgrade, Serbia
Kids on Tank Belgrade.jpg
Kids playing on tank, Belgrade, Serbia
Mona Shop Belgrade.jpg
A pleasant street, Belgrade, Serbia
Ethnic Cleansing Bosnia.jpg
An ethnically-cleansed Muslim village near the Serbian Republica Srpska, Bosnia
Tuzla from Car.jpg
Tuzla, Bosnia, no sniper fire
Fountain and Minaret Sarajevo.jpg
Turkish Quarter, Sarajevo, Bosnia
European Quarter Sarajevo 1.jpg
Austro-Hungarian section, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Communist Crap Sarajevo.jpg
Communist crap, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Holiday Inn and Towers Sarajevo.jpg
The famous Holiday Inn hotel for war correspondents, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Lampost Library Sarajevo.jpg
A lampost across from the burned out National Library, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Restaurant Nook Sarajevo.jpg
Restaurant nook, Sarajevo Bosnia
Turkish Quarter Residential Sarajevo.jpg
An old residential district, Sarajevo, Bosnia