PJ Interviews with McCain and Giuliani

I should have my next article from Fallujah published within the next day or so. This time you will hear from Iraqis, not Americans, as they discuss with me the invasion of their country, counterinsurgency, and Al Qaeda in Iraq among other things.
In the meantime, Roger L. Simon and Claudia Rosett “interviewed Rudy Giuliani and John McCain about their foreign policies”:http://www.pajamasmediavideo.com/.
I said in the comments yesterday that I will not turn this blog into a campaign vehicle for any candidate at any time, and it’s true. I will not. Some in the comments are annoyed at my support for Rudy Giuliani while others are annoyed at my support for Barack Obama. I don’t want to annoy readers with that sort of thing. That is not what this Web site is for. I’m pointing out these interviews to you for two (other) reasons.
That link will take you to HD video versions of the interviews (fast connection required). They are far and away the highest quality videos I have ever seen streamed over the Internet. You Tube (bless its digital soul) is put sorely to shame by Pajamas Media here.
The production values are as solidly professional as you’ll see on any television station. But the questions asked by Roger and Claudia are at a higher level than what you’ll usually see on TV. Hannity and Colmes this is not.
(Transcipts “here”:http://pjmedia.com/2008/01/war_on_terror_conversation_rud.php and “here”:http://pjmedia.com/2008/01/war_on_terror_conversation_joh.php if you don’t want to watch.)



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