Michael Totten

For the Record

From Lebanon’s Naharnet.

U.N. experts have found no evidence to support a press report that Israel used depleted uranium (DU) munitions during its July-August offensive on Lebanon, the U.N. Environment Programme has said.
“The samples taken by the UNEP scientists show no evidence of penetrators or metal made of DU or other radioactive material,” UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner said in a statement in Nairobi Monday.
“In addition, no DU shrapnel, or other radioactive residue was found. The analysis of all smear samples taken shows no DU, nor enriched uranium nor higher than natural uranium content in the samples.”
In October, the British daily The Independent said samples of soil taken from two bomb craters in Lebanon showed high radiation levels, suggesting that uranium-based munitions had been used.

UPDATE: As it turns out, Robert Fisk made the original hysterical bullshit claim. Big shocker, that. It could have been an innocent mistake, in theory. Fog of war, and all that. But Fisk makes his living off hysterical bullshit claims. So he gets no pass. If I believed half of what that man writes about Israel and America, I’d hate us too. (Thanks to Charles Malik in the comments.)
UPDATE: Hezbollah showed up in the comments. O joy.

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