Boring Partisans

From the Wall Street Journal:

Some producers say they are weary of the bickering between the left and right, each parroting talking points emailed from party headquarters. Most news-talk shows have pundits representing only “the four poles — Democrats, Republicans, liberals or conservatives,” says CNN’s Mr. Bohrman. He has an Internet reporter “scouring the blogs,” partly to look for non-partisans who can articulate the middle ground in an engaging way. He says he’d love to find the great American “centrist pundit.”


Producers aren’t the only ones bored with the format. How about hiring lots of centrist pundits? In Oregon, where I live, registered Independents outnumber both Democrats and Republicans. Some of us who still haven’t bothered to re-register as Independents are also basically centrists.
Scouring the blogs is a good call for producers who have finally figured out that Hannity and Colmes, the now defunct Crossfire, etc., bore the bejeezus out of people who aren’t reactionaries or hacks. Here are a few places to start. Half of them have been on TV already. Put them on more often!
Ann Althouse
Andrew Sullivan
Jeff Jarvis
Matt Welch
Armed Liberal
Megan McArdle
Dean Esmay


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