Michael Totten

Introducing Lebanon.Profile

I’m going to Egypt tonight, and I have no idea what kind of Internet access I’ll have. When I took my first side trip to Cyprus I had high expectations. Cyprus is Europe, after all. But Internet access in Cyprus is crap. It is far easier to find an Internet café or a wi-fi hotspot in Beirut. The Middle East is more modern than most people think if they have never been here, and Europe is way oversold. Blogging from Cairo may be easy or difficult. I won’t know until I get there.
Because I don’t know and because I don’t want the blog to lie fallow, I’ve asked anonymous blogger “Lebanon.Profile” over at the Lebanese Political Journal to help me out around here for the next week or so. On his own blog he writes with an audience of other Lebanese people in mind. For the next week he’ll write here with an audience of Western people in mind.
He knows far more about Lebanese history, politics, and current events than most people, including most Lebanese. You’re in good hands. And be sure to check out his Lebanese Political Journal if you like what he writes here.