Michael Totten

Where I Left Off

I’ve been out late with Mom tonight, since it’s Mother’s Day and all. So I don’t have anything prepared for the blog.
What I do have, for those of you who still want to read about what’s happening over in Lebanon now that I can’t be there to cover it, is a link to this blog — the Lebanese Political Journal.
The head writer, who goes by the anonymous handle Lebanon.Profile, gave me great tours of Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and the Shia regions in the south of the country. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more fun, or more informed guide. He has forgotten more about Lebanon than I currently know. And I learned more about the place from him than I can even begin to get into here.
He has the skinny about what’s going on now, as well as some pretty solid analysis of what it all means. Some of his references may be obscure to you. But after hanging out with him for a while they aren’t obscure to me anymore. And they won’t be obscure to you either if you hang out at his site long enough.
If you regularly read Middle East blogs, this is one you need to bookmark.