Michael Totten

Terror Alerts Part Two

On the other hand, this makes the Bush Administration look truly ridiculous.
Ken Layne:

After getting through the insane security at CitiBank Headquarters — caused by four-year-old Evidence of Terror Plans released Sunday to scare the bejesus out of you — you get to say “Hi” to Laura Bush in the lobby! That’s neat.
It’s neat when schedules work out that way.
Oh, and the Immediate Alert Scary-Ville terror info? Now they’re saying it actually refers to an attack planned for Sept. 2. You know, the last day of the Republican Convention in New York, when Bush gives his big speech?
This stinks. Go ahead and say, as Tom Ridge did this morning, “This is not about politics. It’s about confidence in government.” If you have to deny it’s about politics — while your party is actively campaigning in the locked-down buildings of New York City filled with teevee cameras and photographers and frazzled employees who wonder if today’s Terror Day — then you have done a Poor Job of showing us otherwise.

I’m not about to romp off to moonbat land, but this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Who is the bright bulb behind this stunt, anyway?
Do I think the Bush Administration made up a bogus terror alert to get a jump start on the convention? No. Keep your Kool Aid. But they sure are trying to score points off it, aren’t they? Say hello to Laura Bush in the target building’s lobby. Please.
Kerry got no bounceno bounce – from his own convention. If I were advising either Kerry or Bush I’d tell both of them to be quiet and stay away from the cameras. Quit bugging the bejeezus out of everybody. People aren’t voting for in this election, they’re voting against.