Michael Totten

The Racist Right

Haley Barbour was elected governor of Mississippi last night.
And here he is with his pals on the front page of the breathtakingly racist Council of Conservative Citizens Web site. (Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan a few weeks back.)
This group is the one-stop shop for the White Sheet set. You can study up on columns called “In Defense of Racism.” Or you can order a book that exposes the “truth” about Martin Luther King, Jr. If Jew-hating is your bag you can read about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and about how the Jooooos supposedly control the world’s wealth and the multinational corporations, and how they worship Lucifer.
Anyway, Haley Barbour went to one of their barbecues to help raise money. He is now the Republican governor of Mississippi.
Any Democrat, or even the Green Party candidate if there was one, would have been preferable.
If any Democratic candidate shows up at an ANSWER fundraiser and I haven’t blogged it, do let me know.
UPDATE: The CCC took their photo of Haley Barbour off their front page. It was up last night when I posted the link. The photo was replaced with another of the Confederate flag.