Baathists Whine at the UN

Syria demands that the UN Security Council condemn Israel for defending itself by striking an Islamic Jihad training camp across the border. Israelis, naturally enough, think that’s preposterous.


Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman, speaking after Mekdad, accused Syria of providing “safe harbor, training facilities, funding, logistical support” to terrorist organizations.
He said the strike was a “measured defensive response” and an act of self defense that did not violate international law.
He said it was ironic that Syria which Israel accuses of harboring terrorists, should call for a meeting to condemn the attack and compared it to Osama bin Laden demanding a Security Council meeting after the Sept. 11 attacks.

It will be interesting to see how the UN responds to this. Who will take the side of the Middle East’s only liberal democracy? And who will take the side of the terror-sponsoring Baath Party regime in Damascus?


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