Michael Totten

Joe Wilson: Hysterical Moonbat (Updated)

I said I wasn’t going to write about the Wilson/Plame scandal. Okay, so I’m breaking my promise already. The liberals need to be saved from themselves.
Kevin Drum says the Republicans have an odious attack plan to smear Joe Wilson as a radical leftist. Instead, Kevin says Wilson is just a regular ol’ liberal.
No, Kevin. Hold back. You really don’t want to go there.
Take a look at this piece Wilson wrote for The Nation.
Here is what he says about the liberation of Iraq:

The underlying objective of this war is the imposition of a Pax Americana on the region and installation of vassal regimes that will control restive populations…Nothing short of conquest, occupation and imposition of handpicked leaders on a vanquished population will suffice…Arabs who complain about American-supported antidemocratic regimes today will find us in even more direct control tomorrow.

What complete and utter hysterical nonsense. Surely, Kevin, you don’t think this is the liberal point of view. Please say it ain’t so.
UPDATE: In the comments some people are defending Wilson from the moonbat charge. I’m not calling him a moonbat because he’s against the war in Iraq. I’m calling him that because he thinks we are a bunch of imperialists hell-bent on lording it over the vanquished. Will the left please put that meme to bed. It is a hysterical and defamatory conspiracy theory, not to mention exceptionally counter-productive.
I am not commenting on the other aspects of this scandal right now because I’ve barely paid attention to it. I don’t know enough to have an informed opinion. At least not yet.