Who's Hillary's Hacker and Why?

The Twitter crowd has devoted a lot of bandwith to the theory that the WikiLeaks dump on the DNC is a Russian operation. They may well be right, although I wouldn’t take Joshua Micah Marshall as a source for the time of day—he slandered me and my daughter without so much as checking anything. Here is a critique on his Trump/Putin claims. Nor do I think Franklin Foer --who I like--is a major scholar of intelligence. Still, it may be correct. Putin may be meddling in our politics, as he has meddled in European politics lo these many years.

And then?

And then you have to check. And get the context right. And ask many questions.

The penetration of the DNC is almost certainly part of the larger story of Hillary’s use of an insecure private server. That server was apparently first discovered when “Guccifer” penetrated Sidney Blumenthal’s email account. He had many exchanges with Hillary, and Guccifer found them. That led him to Hillary. And once you’re in Hillary’s server, you can be sure that there are links to the DNC.

Guccifer operated via an “anonymous” server in Russia. I don’t know if he was working for a Russian intelligence service, or a Russian mafia, or for himself, or for some foreign government or intel service or just to make money. The Feds may know more, since he’s now in jail in Virginia, but then again they may not. They seem not to have known about Guccifer’s hacking activities in the first place, and I know people who have brought data about his activities to the FBI, who told me that the Bureau was surprised.

I seem to recall that the FBI took many years to put together its own computer network.

In any event, I suspect the Russians weren’t surprised at Guccifer’s activities—which they could have found regardless of any working relationship with him—and they would certainly have exploited the data.