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Nice, Baton Rouge, Milwaukee: They Win, We Lose

As I have been saying for quite a while, the terrorists are in a hurry. They know that their free run at their enemies will not last much longer, and so they are eager to grab whatever they can as fast as they can. They expect things will get tougher when the next president takes over in January. For the moment they expect the Obama administration to make nice to Iran and Russia, Cuba and China, and the other members of the global alliance arrayed against us.

Ergo Nice. And Baton Rouge. And Milwaukee.

There will be more, and I will be surprised if there are not more attacks here in the United States. It’s not as if they are not trying;  we keep arresting would-be jihadis and sometimes they succeed. Orlando, for example. And today, as I write, Baton Rouge. And then Milwaukee.

We are still not fighting to win the war. We are on defense, which is a sucker’s game.

As General Flynn and I wrote in our book “The Field of Fight,” you can’t devise a winning strategy if you can’t define your enemy and his mission. We can’t, because the censors forbid it. So we cannot say the simple truth: we are under attack from a global alliance of radical Muslims and radical secularists -- some are countries (such as North Korea, Cuba, Iran, China and Russia), some are organizations (al Qaeda, ISIS, Islamic Jihad, etc).

Since we cannot speak their name or define their mission (destroy us), we cannot shape a winning strategy. Indeed, President Obama has publicly condemned anyone who talks about winning. Instead, he and Secretary of State Kerry are embracing our enemies.