Faster, Please!

Those Crazy Mullahs (Attacking Me Yet Again)

Once again, the Iranian regime has attacked me on the front page of the hardliners’ favorite daily newspaper, Kayhan.  By my count, this is the fourth time, including the video of the Tehran show trial in which regime opponents were asked how they communicated with me (they hadn’t) and what instructions I had given them (none).  The mullahs’ complaint is the usual one:  my ongoing denunciation of the regime and my calls for democratic revolution in Iran.

The famous American theorist in his statements to the American Frontpage Magazine said; ‘”Israel has still the capacity to support the Iranian opposition and is capable of supporting them in order to overthrow the regime in Iran.”

Yes, I said it, although the mullahs have the source wrong.  It was actually in an article by Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post and reprinted at Frontpage.

My Iranian critics continue:

In his statements, Ledeen claimed Israel should start a global propaganda assault against Iran revolving around the human rights and women rights issues and it should create create Internet based means of communication to bypass the firewalls. The famous American theorist added Israeli and United States support to the opposition would not weaken the opposition to the Islamic Republic, but would strengthen their position.

Let me say straight away that the regime leaders are entirely right about my position.  I hate them, and I wish I could do more to defeat them.  Alas, they are quite wrong about my presumed influence (I suppose I should be grateful for the repetition of “famous American theorist”) but in our free society, change is always possible, so I keep at it.

They are particularly sensitive about human rights, and of course about women, who are the great revolutionary force in the Middle East.  Maybe the latest horror story about acid attacks against Iranian women in Isfahan will force the White House to rethink its current collaboration with the Iranian regime.  Valerie Jarrett, call your office please and get on this.  At least put out an official guffaw at the regime claim that your boss and the Israelis are behind the acid attacks, ok?

What does it all mean?  It tells me that the regime is worried, that there is fear at the highest levels of Khamenei’s kitchen cabinet.  They know their people loathe them, they try to portray the loathing as a foreign manipulation, and as all fervent propagandists do, they have put a face on the alien menace.  My face, several times now.

Needless to say, this is mere misdirection.  Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his evil henchmen have more serious matters to worry about than the two old men who led the Green uprising in 2009-2010–Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi–held in isolation for years by regime security forces, and the toothless former president, Mohammad Khatami.  They are not doing very well in the global war.  They’ve lost hundreds, perhaps thousands of men, including high-ranking officers, in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria, and things have now gotten to the point where there are open fissures within the once-totally supportive Revolutionary Guards.  Similarly, Iranian military men are under fire from the Baloch over by the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.  And then there’s ISIS, which they first supported and now find in the enemy camp.

Meanwhile, the myth of Rouhani-the-great-moderate-reformer has crashed and burned.  Everybody with working eyes and ears, from Iranian activists to the gray lady in Manhattan, has given up on any significant change for the benefit of the Iranian people.  This will make it more difficult to charm the West into appeasing Rouhani’s demands for further concessions in the nuclear talks.  To be sure, Obama desperately wants a deal, but not all the Europeans are ready to buy it at an outrageous price.

You’d be sensitive too, with such problems.  Although I doubt you’d blame your crisis on a Washington historian and blogger.