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The War Rages, The White House Ducks, Death Abounds

You know all this, of course, because you've been reading these blogs all along.  But as my mother used to tell me with her charming smile and melodious voice, repetition is the basis of all learning.

It is no doubt true, as so many wonks intone over and over, that we are targeted by lots of "non-state actors."  But those "actors," gangs like al Qaeda, Hezbolah, Islamic Jihad, and Jammaah this-or-that, are state-supported.

My old boss, Alexander Haig, used to growl, "we have to go to the source," by which he meant the Soviet Union.  And whenever he said it, there were pious cries of "but NO!"  from the usual quarters, such as Foggy Bottom and Langley-on-the-Potomac.  They insisted that we did not "know" that the Kremlin was in any way "behind" terrorist groups, and when it was pointed out that the PLO actually trained IN the Soviet Union, they responded by denying it was a terrorist organization.  They redefined it as a "national liberation front."

Turns out Haig was right;  we know the KGB and GRU were actively supporting groups including Baader-Meinhof in West Germany, and Red Brigades in Italy, as well as Arafat's killers.  We know it from their own archives, their own emigres, their own defectors (take PJ Media's own Ion Mihai Pacepa, for example).

Further confirmation from the real world:  When the Soviet Union imploded, terrorism took a hit.  It revived when the Islamic Republic of  Iran, working with the reconstituted Russian intelligence services, became the world's leading sponsor of terrorism, and waged war against us.

By now, everybody knows about Iran's activities in the Middle East and South Asia, from its proxies (Hezbollah, the small army around Mookie al Sadr in Iraq, Islamic Jihad, al Qaeda, Taliban) to the Quds Force killers at work in Syria and Lebanon.  We also know about Iranian activities in Latin America, from the massacres in Argentina in the 1990s, to the remarkable spread of Iranian agents, including large numbers from Hezbollah, in recent years, starting in Venezuela.  The Defense Department recently published a helpful study of this worrisome phenomenon.  And we are learning about Iranian activities in Africa:

● Iranian weapons have been pouring into Kenya, and are being used by various murderous militias;

● Iranian ammunition is all over the place, from the Ivory Coast to Nigeria.

● Our ambassador in Yemen stood up the other day and announced that Iran is doing its best to foment civil war in that country.  

And I haven't even mentioned Mali, where thousands of French soldiers are fighting, and we are providing logistics.  If things go badly, which can always happen, American fighters may join in.

It's what happens when you lead with your behind, which is Obama's strategery of choice.  Try this:  "AQIM's creation of a haven in northern Mali was made possible in part by the fall of Libya's dictator, Moammar Ghadafi, which unleashed a flow of weapons and fighters from Libya into Mali."